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The Impulse Adjusting Instrument®

MultiCare Rehabilitation is proud to announce the addition of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® from NeuroMechanical Innovations. This is an electric adjusting instrument that is easy to use and an effective alternative to manual adjusting techniques. 

Although most people seek traditional manual adjustments, there is a growing population of patient looking for the most effective techniques which do not require the neck and back to placed into the typical rotated posture in order to facilitate the chiropractic adjustment, or for patients who simply may not be comfortable with the typical audible release heard during the  adjustment process.

The Impulse completely eliminates your concerns. Now we have a safe, effective and thoroughly researched instrument that can accomplish the same goals as manual treatment.

The Impulse has an ergonomically designed handgrip and comes with interchangeable styli. The dual stylus come in two designs: one for the lumbar spine (low back) and one for the cervical spine (neck). The dual attachments serve specific purposes, and accommodate the various regions of the spine.

Various Force Settings to Accommodate Everyone’s Needs:

The Impulse has three force settings: low, medium, and high. These settings are among the things that make the device unique.

The lowest setting has a force of 75 Newtons, or 17 pounds which makes it  ideal for use on the upper neck and any areas of tenderness that the patient might have (including tender points in the muscles). The low force of this setting makes it ideal for children, elderly and infirmed.

The medium setting puts out 150 Newtons, or 34 pounds of force. This setting is used on the lower neck, mid back, lower back, and the joints of the extremities.

The highest setting has 300 Newtons, or 67 pounds of force. This adjustment is ideal for the low back, sacroiliac joints, and hips.

The Impulse is computer controlled, which means that it delivers the same amount and frequency of thrust from patient to patient. This assures that each gentle thrust is uniform in intensity and depth.

Your MultiCare Rehab team always strives to bring you the latest advancements in clinical excellence and evidence based medicine. The addition of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® helps us to add another dimension to the chiropractic adjustment.

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